Introducing, cirrus.red

Cirrus.red is aimed at sharing experiences from across the Salesforce platform.  With a focus on lessons learned for all Salesforce professionals (Admins, Configuration Gurus and Implementation Specialists).

The Salesforce community is has grown phenomenally alongside the platform.  Need help? Go to the Success Community or Developer Forums and you will normally find someone willing to answer to your query.

It is in that vein that cirrus.red focuses sharing past experiences and lessons learned.  Wherever possible to give a little something back to the Salesforce community in the spirit of #SalesforceOhana.

The blog will cover a range of Salesforce topics, including lessons from past projects, implementation tips and admin hacks.

If you have any comments or feedback, please don’t hesitate to use the contact page above to reach out.

AndAdam Gill - Founder of cirrus.red who am I?

Hi there, Adam Gill here and I’m the Founder of cirrus.red.

In 2011 I was working in an eBusiness role at a large Australian insurer.  The role focused on helping intermediary partners get insurance policies setup via the eBusiness channel.   The system was a custom-built app and nothing to do with Salesforce.

By chance I sat opposite the Salesforce Administrator.  After helping out the Admin a couple of times I got a tiny taste of Salesforce.  Nothing exciting but I learned how to search for an account/contact.  But I volunteered my services when a key Salesforce project was being planned

That project showed me the potential of  Salesforce.  And I was hooked!  Importantly it also gave me the opportunity to work with the team responsible for driving Salesforce process and adoption.  Once that door was open, I worked towards joining the team officially…

Fast forward a few years 🙂  I have now gained exposure across multiple instances of Salesforce, across a variety of industries.  During that time I have held roles ranging from Salesforce Admin, Analyst, Developer, Applications Manager & most recently a CRM Manager.

My core drive is to support businesses increase adoption of the platform.  By focusing on implementation, process improvement and user training/support.

I also love expanding my knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem.  And am focused on obtaining relevant certifications.  As a result I currently hold certifications for Administrator, Advanced Administrator, Force.com Developer & Sales Cloud Consultant.


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